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World Suicide Prevention Day

Trigger warning: Suicide “But the absolute worst part of depression is that even though you know you’re depressed, you’re unable to stop yourself from getting worse.” – Rue from Euphoria I don’t like to think about 2013 often, though some may say that it’s the year that saved my life, it was also the year […]

El Efecto Nicola Porcella – Presentando Al Novio De Mexico

To read the English version of this article, click here. Recordatorio rápido de que nada bueno puede surgir del desplazamiento nocturno en TikTok. En un momento te ríes de un video tonto y al siguiente descargaste una VPN, obtuviste una suscripción a un servicio de transmisión mexicano y te quedas despierto hasta las 3 a.m. […]

The Nicola Porcella Effect – Introducing Mexico’s Boyfriend

Para leer la version en Español, presiona aqui. Quick reminder that nothing good can come from late night scrolling on TikTok. One minute you’re laughing at a silly video and the next you’ve downloaded a VPN, gotten a subscription to a Mexican streaming service and are staying up until 3AM watching a 24/7 livestream. Not […]

Wendy Guevara Makes History in Mexico

Wendy Guevara has spent the last 71 days of her life isolated in a house with what started as 14 other people, who came from all over Latin America and Spain, and who slowly dwindled down to five finalists. It was Mexico’s version of Celebrity Big Brother and a phenomenon that nobody expected. When the […]

‘Past Lives’ Movie Review

“There’s a word in Korean, 인연; In-yun. It means providence or fate; but it’s specifically about the relationship between people. It’s an In-yun if two strangers even walk by each other in the street, and their clothes accidentally brush because it means that there must have been something between them in their past lives. If […]

Changing My Name To Francesca | Hozier Single Review

You ever feel like you may never get to feel the kind of love that Hozier writes about? “Francesca” is the latest single from Hozier’s upcoming album Unreal Unearth, and it’s the kind of love song that you want to sing at the top of your lungs. The song takes inspiration from a character that […]

‘Carmen’ Movie Review

Choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, brings us his directorial debut with his version of Carmen. Though the film is loosely based on the Opera, there are many familiar aspects of the story missing. Melissa Barrera, described the film as an origin story on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Melissa says, “basically, it is nothing like the Opera except […]

Let’s Talk About Blindspotting … | TV Review

I can finally stop refreshing the STARZ twitter feed to check when the new season of Blindspotting is going to drop. You should have all had the good sense to watch not only the first season of this show, but also the 2018 film that started this journey for us. Season 1 of Blindspotting felt […]