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Turning a funny group chat into a podcast was a no-brainer for Adrian and Julie. They knew that their love of pop culture would need to be at the forefront but more than that, they both wanted to highlight the Latinx/e community that they were so proud to be a part of. When doing their research on podcasts, they realized that many Latinx/e led podcasts centered around activism, with good reason. However, Adrian and Julie saw their journey into the podcast world being led by laughter. They both wanted to focus on the joy that embodies their culture but is so often left out when discussing them in the media. Individually, Adrian and Julie could not be more opposite but hearing them in conversation is like going out to brunch with your closest friends.

Now You + Me & Chisme has expanded into all social media platforms; it’s become more than a weekly podcast. Julie and Adrian pride themselves in the fact that they found a corner of the internet that will provide a safe space for all the chismosas/chismosos/chismoses who need a distraction from the chaos of the world. On top of their weekly podcast schedule, they also create daily TikTok videos covering breaking pop culture news, they curate a monthly music playlist for your listening pleasure and are now hosting a website with content for every type of mood. 

For all business inquiries: [email protected]