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Month: April 2023

‘Carmen’ Movie Review

Choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, brings us his directorial debut with his version of Carmen. Though the film is loosely based on the Opera, there are many familiar aspects of the story missing. Melissa Barrera, described the film as an origin story on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Melissa says, “basically, it is nothing like the Opera except […]

Let’s Talk About Blindspotting … | TV Review

I can finally stop refreshing the STARZ twitter feed to check when the new season of Blindspotting is going to drop. You should have all had the good sense to watch not only the first season of this show, but also the 2018 film that started this journey for us. Season 1 of Blindspotting felt […]

‘Air’ Movie Review

I fear that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon may just be a dream team. Air tells the story of how Sonny Vaccaro and Nike pursued rookie Michael Jordan in an attempt to create a partnership that ended up revolutionized the world of sports and massively affected pop culture. Somehow Ben Affleck made this film feel […]

25 Years of *NSYNC

Things that happened in 1998: Titanic dominated the Oscars, Bill Clinton was impeached, the FDA approved viagra and *NSYNC released their debut album in the United States. It’s been 25 years since *NSYNC released their debut album and my life was forever changed. I lived and breathed *NSYNC for the better part of my preteen […]