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Love in Cinema

While aware that the world is actively falling apart, I do think it’s important to take the time to celebrate love. So in case you need some recommendations for tonight’s movie night, here’s five of my favorite movies about love.

I know I’ll be thinking about If Beale Street Could Talk on my death bed. Inspired by James Baldwin’s novel and Directed by Barry Jenkins, this movie tells the beautiful love story of Tish and Fonny. Barry Jenkins has proved that he is an expert at capturing the quiet moments that happen while falling in love with someone. He plays with lighting in a way that highlights the intimacy between these two people that have such eccentric chemistry.

If you enjoyed The Notebook, then Sylvie’s Love should be added to your must watch list. It holds all of the nostalgia of The Notebook, without the ending that makes you sob like a maniac. Sylvie and Robert begin a summer romance when he takes up a job at her father’s record store. Though their romance has an abrupt end, they end up reuniting years later and discover that their feelings for each other remain. We deserve stories about Black people in the 1950’s to be romanticized and unfortunately, they so rarely are.

“what did I know of my heart before you gave it shape?” Think of a summer romance story intertwined with a coming of age story and you have Premature. Ayanna and Isaiah begin a summer romance a couple of weeks before she’s set to go off to college. It tells the tender story of a first love and it’s full of poetry and sweet moments that make you nostalgic for a time when life was a bit simpler.

Sometimes two cannibals find each other and love blooms, such is the story of Maren and Lee. Bones and All, may be a little rough on the stomach but I promise that at the root of this story is an exhilarating love story that feels exciting and new.

RomComs are back baby! An aspiring art intern has to go on a last minute trip to London where her flight gets upgraded and she gets to sit next to a handsome stranger. Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux have palpable chemistry and they truly make this movie such a fun ride. Full of laugh out loud moments, Upgraded can be watched on Amazon Prime.