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Category: CULTURA

In Defense of the Oscar Nominations

The first time I ever became invested in the Oscar nominations was in 2015. “Oscars so white” was trending on every social media app and the outrage over the lack of diversity in the nominations was so loud that I couldn’t help but pay attention. It can often feel that not much has changed since […]

25 Years of ‘Baby One More Time’

This thing between Britney Spears and I could be considered love at first sight. One minute I’m walking down the entertainment section at Target, stopping mid-step as soon as I catch a glimpse of her music video on one of the televisions, and the next my bedroom walls are full of Britney Spears posters from […]

Día Mundial de la Prevención del Suicidio

Advertencia desencadenante: suicidio “Pero la peor parte de la depresión es que, aunque sabes que estás deprimido, no puedes evitar empeorar”Rue de Euphoria No me gusta pensar en 2013 a menudo, aunque algunos pueden decir que es el año que me salvó la vida, también fue el año que casi me la quita. El 10 […]

World Suicide Prevention Day

Trigger warning: Suicide “But the absolute worst part of depression is that even though you know you’re depressed, you’re unable to stop yourself from getting worse.” – Rue from Euphoria I don’t like to think about 2013 often, though some may say that it’s the year that saved my life, it was also the year […]

El Efecto Nicola Porcella – Presentando Al Novio De Mexico

To read the English version of this article, click here. Recordatorio rápido de que nada bueno puede surgir del desplazamiento nocturno en TikTok. En un momento te ríes de un video tonto y al siguiente descargaste una VPN, obtuviste una suscripción a un servicio de transmisión mexicano y te quedas despierto hasta las 3 a.m. […]

The Nicola Porcella Effect – Introducing Mexico’s Boyfriend

Para leer la version en Español, presiona aqui. Quick reminder that nothing good can come from late night scrolling on TikTok. One minute you’re laughing at a silly video and the next you’ve downloaded a VPN, gotten a subscription to a Mexican streaming service and are staying up until 3AM watching a 24/7 livestream. Not […]

Wendy Guevara Makes History in Mexico

Wendy Guevara has spent the last 71 days of her life isolated in a house with what started as 14 other people, who came from all over Latin America and Spain, and who slowly dwindled down to five finalists. It was Mexico’s version of Celebrity Big Brother and a phenomenon that nobody expected. When the […]

25 Years of *NSYNC

Things that happened in 1998: Titanic dominated the Oscars, Bill Clinton was impeached, the FDA approved viagra and *NSYNC released their debut album in the United States. It’s been 25 years since *NSYNC released their debut album and my life was forever changed. I lived and breathed *NSYNC for the better part of my preteen […]

Bad Bunny Heals My Inner Child | Grammy Awards 2023

There are quite a few versions of myself that I am embarrassed by. Most notably, the Jr. High version of myself immediately comes to mind. She was easily peer-pressured and lacked in the self-confidence department. This version of me included a deep embarrassment over the color of my skin, my culture, and the fact that […]