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Month: September 2023

STARZ Cancels Blindspotting

I don’t think I’ve been this devastated since SMASH was cancelled by NBC in 2013. STARZ has announced the shows they’ll be cancelling this year and with the announcement came my heart shattering into a million pieces. The shows are Heels, Run the World and BLINDSPOTTING!!!! Blindspotting, much like everything else I find myself obsessing […]

Día Mundial de la Prevención del Suicidio

Advertencia desencadenante: suicidio “Pero la peor parte de la depresión es que, aunque sabes que estás deprimido, no puedes evitar empeorar”Rue de Euphoria No me gusta pensar en 2013 a menudo, aunque algunos pueden decir que es el año que me salvó la vida, también fue el año que casi me la quita. El 10 […]

World Suicide Prevention Day

Trigger warning: Suicide “But the absolute worst part of depression is that even though you know you’re depressed, you’re unable to stop yourself from getting worse.” – Rue from Euphoria I don’t like to think about 2013 often, though some may say that it’s the year that saved my life, it was also the year […]