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Sugar, Butter, Ugly Crying | Waitress: The Musical Review

Every time a Broadway stage production gets released as a film, an angel gets its wings.

Waitress:The Musical is hitting theaters for five nights only and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t go and experience this life-changing show. Waitress follows Jenna (played by Sara Bareilles) a waitress and a phenomenal pie-maker who is stuck in a small town and an abusive marriage. Jenna finds herself pregnant with a baby she does not want and after her husband has sucked most of the joy from her life, she falls into having an affair with her married OB-GYN.

I have now seen this show three times and it somehow just keeps getting better and better. This version in particular feels like a manifestation of my wildest dreams. Specifically, I have been thinking of Charity’s (plays Becky) version of “I Didn’t Plan It” since I saw her perform it on Broadway a few years ago and it lived up to every goosebump I remembered. Drew Gehling brings a child-like wonder to Dr. Pomatter that you keep waiting for him to come back on screen. Christopher Fitzgerald’s Oggie brings the perfect amount of levity considering a lot of his scenes are sandwiched between high-tension and emotionally heavy scenes. Caitlin Houlahan’s Dawn has the kind of anxiety that jumps from the screen but you are rooting for her every step of the way.

Sara fucking Bareilles. I knew I was missing out when I wasn’t able to make it to New York to watch Sara take the stage as Jenna. The beauty of stage productions coming to the big screen, is that they’re able to capture every facial nuance and being able to experience Sara’s Jenna up close and personal felt life changing. Of course her vocals were extraordinary, but being that she’s been the soundtrack for my much of my life I’ve gotten used to being blown away by them. It was more than that, it was the way she embodied Jenna in a way that made me ache for her even in the quietest moments. She is a masterclass on acting and I can’t believe we were all so lucky to witness her dream coming true.

Waitress:The Musical is a story of friendship, resilience and on the things you can accomplish if you choose to believe in yourself. It is available in theaters until December 11th and going to watch it will be the best decision you’ve made all year. Don’t forget to stock up on tissues.